Wednesday, March 4, 2015

7D Mark II shutter sounds and drive modes

I love listening to shutter sounds.

The new 7D Mark II has rather quiet shutter sounds. In the video, I basically ran it through the drive modes 4 times. I first did it with the lens attached, in viewfinder mode. I then did it again in Live View mode. I then repeated all that with the lens detached.

The 7D Mark II has the same old drive modes, Single, Low-speed Continuous, High-Speed Continuous, Silent Single, Silent Continuous, 10sec Timer and 2 Sec Timer. I didn't do the timer modes in the video.

It also has the Silent LV shoot modes. You get to choose from Disable, Mode 1, and Mode 2. In Mode 1, the camera somehow makes the shutter sound less...intrusive? It just sounds slower and gentler. Not much quieter in terms of amplitude though. I did not demonstrate Mode 2 in the video, but Mode 2 basically clicks the shutter when you press the shutter button and hold it down (the shot is already taken), and when you let go of the shutter button, it "reloads" the shutter.

I left the continuous shooting speeds at the default settings, which are 10fps for highspeed continuous, 5fps for lowspeed, and 4fps for silent continuous.

Here are some behind the scenes shots.

The video itself was filmed on a 5D Mark III with a 24-70 F2.8.

Audio was recorded using a Rode NTG-3 plugged directly into a Zoom H6. I monitored using Apple Earpods.

I triggered the 7D2 shutter using a pair of Yongnuo RF603's to minimize the operation noise. I basically dialed in the settings then remotely triggered them.

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